A Mom’s Mountain Survival Kit

It seems like mother’s purses are smaller versions of the Mary Poppins carpet bag; deceptively small, mothers can produce anything from extra scarves and mittens to unlimited granola bars with a flick of the wrist. If a kid loses a button, we have a sewing kit. If a bathroom stall is out of toilet paper, we have a stack of tissues. Mom purses are truly marvelous.

When skiing with kids, the mom purse has to transfer to the ski slope. You can’t really bring a tote up, but you can wear a backpack or stuff your jacket and pant pockets. Here’s what you should carry every day on the mountain.

Snacks—Because, duh. Hunger is the first complaint out of my kids’ mouths every morning on the mountain. Carry a few granola bars or a small bag of trail mix to nix those pleas to head indoors.

Tissues—Cold weather means runny noses. You do the math.

Small First Aid Kit—Just the basics here: band-aids and alcohol swabs, maybe a small tube of antiseptic. Though you won’t be able to treat most ski injuries with a first-aid kit, the occasional scratch can be enough to send your youngest into a fit. Stop the problem before it starts.

Allergy and/or Pain Medication—A couple tablets of Advil or Ibuprofen and you’re good to go.

Pocket Knife—Though you might not have to use the knife, you could need this for the tweezers, scissors, or nail file. It’s small enough to carry in a pocket, so why not bring it.

Chapstick or Moisturizing Lotion—Cold weather means dry skin. Get a face-friendly lotion.

Small Bottle of Sunscreen—Just because its winter doesn’t mean the sun won’t be out eventually.

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