Is Skiing Safe During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 virus has produced a lot of fear in people, it has scared many people away from resorts and other recreational locations. Ultimately the question is: are these fears justified? In the final analysis, it boils down to your own assessment of your personal risk given age and other factors.

Precautions being taken by resorts.

In making an assessment of your risk, you should be aware that ski resorts are taking precautions. High on the list is requiring testing before person visits. Between that and other rules to prevent transmission the odds of getting COVID-19 while skiing should be low.

The natural conditions of ski slopes.

The conditions on ski slopes naturally tend to reduce the odds of transmission. First, you are dressed for cold weather, and skiers normally have some form of face covering. Also if you get closer to another skier than six feet, you probably have more to be concerned about than catching a virus.

The benefit of being outdoors.

You should not forget the fact that skiing is an outdoor activity. You are getting fresh air, and you are being physically active as well. Both of these are beneficial to your immune system which is an important factor in fighting any virus.

What is the real risk

In evaluating your personal risk of getting COVID-19 you need to remember that most people do not have it. Furthermore, the precautions taken by ski resorts reduce the number even more. As a result, most ski resorts are probably safe from COVID-19.

While being cautious is prudent, there are more risks to skiing than contracting COVID-19. These risks are present even in the absence of a virus. Ultimately you should look at your personal situation and health while checking out the resort you plan on visiting on their own COVID-19 statistics.

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